to Your Table

These are wines from our table to your table. 

They come from the tiniest of vineyards of the southern reaches of France, whose 

vintners are families that have tended and nurtured their vineyards for 

generations. These humble 

farms turn out exceptionally wonderfully tasting wines that are easy to drink and reasonably priced, but they have also won countless awards across Europe and now in the US. Most of these little vineyard-producing domains are in the sunny Languedoc region with its terroir-driven tastes and stable climate. These are natural wines, without any additives that are made from sustainable agriculture practices. Most importantly, they are not from mega producers. They are wines in the long, deep, illustrative tradition of French artisanal winemaking. they are very reasonably priced, as sold by MICCA LLC direct to stores and restaurants. Santé to all wine enthusiasts out there!

                                       MICCA LLC








Dégustez du vin, 


vivez longtemps!* 

*Enjoy wine, live long.